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With technology a tailored In-Store experience becomes reality!" Check out this blog from InReality and learn how leading edge companies are taking the in-store experience to the next level.

Holiday cheer throughout the year...

Do you remember when you were a small child sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold December night. Your mother hands you a mug of piping hot chocolate while you listen to the crackle of the fire, the aroma of the burning wood, and the flickering flames. Holiday memories, with beloved family members, visit us each December. Christmas carols, colored lights and tinsel, the smell of cinnamon, apple cider and fresh-baked wonder the holiday season romances us so effectively. Magical memories come flooding back as our senses are served seasonal sensations we’ve cherished since childhood. Can you see it? Can you smell it? Can you hear it?


"Today, sonic identity is more important than ever. As brands are moving well beyond advertising and becoming more experience-focused, new tools are required to successfully connect with audiences in digital touchpoints, in spaces and at live events." Check out this set of new glossary terms launched by brandchannel. An excellent read with effective selling points for audio branding.‚Äč

How Are the Big Boys Branding?

While sensory marketing may be a new concept to small and medium-sized businesses, it's definitely not the new kid on the marketing block. In fact, the big boys have been employing sensory marketing for years and the results speak for themselves.

It’s a delightfully short question that requires more than a cursory yes or no answer.  If your personality runs towards the analytical, you peruse the facts you’ve stored and produce the evidential response: no, I can’t see what you mean, as your words aren’t physically manifest, have no mass, size or physical presence. social creatures, we put aside the mental machinations and simply listen, so even the most staunch realist among us summons a mental picture that represents the intended expression of a spoken or written phrase. Do you see what I mean?


Do Your Customers "Feel" You?

It’s worth noting when an urban colloquialism slides into the mainstream. ‘Do you feel me’ has become the “word-stingy” way to find out if the listener can truly empathize with what you’re saying; the abbreviated form of “do you really understand where I’m at?”  It’s being asked more and more often when someone wants to connect on a deeper level. It’s what we all desire... proof that we’re being considered.  We forget the conversations that are surface but remember the ones that made us feel something.  It’s also a question that customers are asking today’s businesses... and likewise, a question we should be asking our customers.


Much More Than A Conference

If you were one of the many attendees at this year’s Experience Marketing Association’s Annual Conference, you came away with a greater understanding of and admiration for the power of sensory marketing.  Held at the beautiful Ocean B Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this years’ conference encompassed many topics, offering a multitude of answers to many questions regarding the associations’ rebranding, our broader focus and the many opportunities this new path provides.



Do You Know What Sweet Sounds Like?

Pay attention and you’ll realize how our senses work together.  It’s evident in conversations.   A candy bar, a car, a deal or a song might all be labeled as ‘sweet’.  An insult is ‘cold’, an unloving individual ‘frigid’.  Tell someone you’re feeling blue and they understand your mood.  When Olympic snowboarders defy the laws of physics with moves that make most of us cringe, we hear descriptions that include ‘tasty’ and ‘sick’.  These abnormal applications of adjectives and adverbs have been happening for a long time.  We know that what we see and what we hear are actually intimately connected...and we’re learning how even sound and smell come together.




The Power of Personal Relationships

Conference, convention, commercial collaboration, or corporate congress; you know what they say about a rose with a different name. No matter what moniker you attach to a gathering of professionals from around the globe, conferences remain a vital contributor to the health and welfare of virtually any and every industry. In a marketplace inundated with social media options and instantaneous communication...why the need for a gathering? Here are just a few reasons a conference is even more imporitant today.



Sensory Marketing and the Customer Experience

As the customer experience phenomena continues to redefine the way businesses deliver services, marketing professionals throughout every industry leave no stone unturned in their search for a more personal approach. They realize that customers no longer gauge service quality exclusively by comparing businesses that provide the same products and services. Today, companies are measured against any and every business that constructs and delivers an exceptional customer experience. Unless we’re listening to the innovators within the customer experience arena we’ll find ourselves wondering how we missed the mark. The Experience Marketing Association is taking careful aim and paying close attention.