The sweet smell of success!

If you have ever had the deja-vu experience of catching a scent in the air and being taken straight back to a childhood memory, you will understand just how powerful our sense of smell is. Not only does scent capture the imagination and trigger associations, scent can also repel or attract. Scent, aroma or fragrance marketing makes use of the powerful impact of scent on consumer behavior and more and more companies are turning to scent as a way of drawing customers in and influencing purchase behavior.

Food and drink brands such as Cinnabon and Starbucks rely on the smell of their products as a lure – the enticing aroma of baking or freshly brewed coffee – and work hard to insure these are part of the customer experience. Scent marketing is an approach that many supermarkets are now taking to promote the freshness of their produce and to encourage purchases.

Hotel chains, shopping malls, clothing retailers and other businesses in which scent plays an influential role are increasingly turning to Experience Marketing Association (EMA) professionals to leverage the sense of scent. EMA professionals offer experienced insights, executional expertise and results that flow from leveraging scent to create a welcoming ambience, encourage people to stay longer and create positive associations with their brands. Gyms, medical clinics and spa brands can use scent to create a sense of cleanliness – a move which has also been adopted by public transport systems in London, Hong Kong and Paris.

Tapping into this powerful sense can have rewarding short-term and long-term benefits which are worth exploring. Ask your EMA professional to be your guide!