A new direction for marketers and business owners with vision.

Sight is arguably the most important of the five senses when it comes to marketing. It’s what allows our attention to be grabbed whether we’re walking past a shop window, speeding past a billboard, scanning the supermarket shelves or watching an ad on TV. Graphic designers are adept at choosing the colors, layout and wording to catch us off-guard and make us look.  But once we’ve seen an ad, our interest can soon wane, especially if it is on a familiar route and we pass it several times a week.

It’s hardly surprising then that in this age of technical advancement, visual marketing is turning more and more towards digital solutions. Ads and messages that can be tweaked within seconds rather than the time-consuming, expensive and laborious process of art-working and printing are an attractive prospect. So too is the opportunity to leverage prime advertising spots with several ads playing, one after the other, in the same space – and it’s all far more engaging for the consumer. Interactive signage that can identify specific points in a typical customer journey, e.g. digital signage in gas stations that recognize and provide information on pre-and post-pump usage, can make the customer experience feel more personal and help to increase efficiency by giving clear instructions.

As digital signage technology advances, Experience Marketing Association professionals will be providing new strategies designed to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiency and reduce confusion. Ask your EMA representative for ideas on how to use sight marketing to your advantage in public spaces such as train stations and airports, museums, stadiums and supermarkets.