Listen to this: what we hear triggers our sales response.

Sound affects people deeply. One of the five human senses, sound is all around us wherever we go and whatever we are doing. Sound can influence our behavior, helping us to relax or energize or triggering responses such as alerting us to danger.
There is evidence to prove that certain sounds can increase purchase behavior in a retail or hospitality environment. Playing calm ambient music can encourage people to relax and stay longer. Faster, louder music has the power to speed up behavior, drive people away more quickly or increase efficiency. This can be useful in the fast-food business where customer turnover is high or in the workplace to encourage greater productivity. Sound can also be used to help define the identity of a brand. This is particularly true of certain restaurants and bars, but can also be used to enhance the customer experience of a brand within a retail space, event venue or onboard a ship or airplane.

Your Experience Marketing Association professional can give you many examples and applications. An upbeat music track coupled with a friendly voice can transform the customer experience of phoning a call center, while playing slower, calmer tracks can help to diffuse anger on a complaints line.  Ask your EMA representative about customized on-brand messages played to customers while they wait on-hold, which can help to cross-sell and up-sell or encourage greater efficiency (e.g. have their credit card ready).
With careful thought and consideration, sound can be a powerful tool that drives behavior with significant commercial benefit. Find out more from your EMA professional.