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Experience Marketing Association 
2022 Conference
Hotel Vin - Grapevine, Texas
September 18-20, 2022

Join EMA in Grapevine, Texas, just minutes away from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW), for our annual conference to learn and discuss trends in the industry, technological advances, challenges and solutions in topics including VOIP, MOH, Potential Client Markets, Client Retention and Diversification. 

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Start Date: Sunday, September 18, 2022

End Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022

  • Hotel Vin, Autograph Collection for 279 USD per night

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Overall Agenda (additional details coming soon)

Sunday, September 18, 2022
6:00 pm - Opening Reception

Monday, September 19, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sessions for all Attendees (lunch at a local restaurant provided by EMA)
6:00 pm - Pinstack group outing

Tuesday, September 20, 2022
8:00 am - 2:00 pm - Sessions including the MARCE Award Presentations, lunch
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Golf or other group excursion

A more detailed agenda will be circulated shortly. Monday night will also feature a group outing with dinner, bowling, and games at Pinstack. It is going to be a lot of fun, so make plans to join us. 

Members selected the session topics listed above.  Additional topics may be added or will be discussed on upcoming webinars offered to members. Click here to join

Registration Rates: $395 for members, or $595 for non-members. Click here to registerSave $50 with Early Bird Registration - ends 6/24/22!

Sponsorship Opportunities are available.  $1,200 for Sponsors with recognition and an exhibit table; $1,700 to also have a 20 minute presentation; or $2,200 to also have a 40 minute presentation. Please contact EMA for details pertaining to sponsorships. 

Why Attend the EMA Conference? Testimonials:

We are blown away by the fellowship, the sharing of information, and the experience we had here with the EMA members…the complete and utter lack of pretense and the selflessness has been a very strong feature we noticed here. If you are a provider of content for your clients, whether that be on hold, scent, digital signage, and you are not attending this conference, you are missing out on ideas that are going to drive revenue and new opportunities to differentiate in the market. I highly recommend the Experience Marketing Association. We are happy to be a sponsor and we will continue to do so in the years to follow.

The biggest takeaway is the vision, ingenuity, and intelligence of the people attending the conference. Talking about all the new technological advances in the digital experience marketing industry.

I have been in the business for about 8 years now and this is my first EMA conference. I have gotten to meet a lot of people dealing with some of the same things that I am dealing with. You learn that you are not the only one in the boat, that there are a lot of others dealing with the same challenges. Probably the best thing about the conference for me has been getting to know the people and hearing different slants on the challenges and opportunities we are faced with. That’s number one. I am also impressed with the vendors. A lot of what they are talking about seems almost science fiction, but that’s what you want. You want to hear about where the industry is going.

Join your EMA Colleagues Monday night at Pinstack for group networking, dinner, bowling, games and a good time!

About Us

EMA is a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business directors who share ideas and discuss issues with a rare, creative synergy. Together, we strive to be each other’s trusted advisors, friends, and support system. We leverage technology and industry trends to create leading-edge customer experience solutions, grow our businesses and set the standards for our industry.

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