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Welcome to the Experience Marketing Association!

I am pleased and excited to serve you as the EMA Chairman. I love our industry. I’m proud that we contribute, so significantly, to customer experiences worldwide. And to think most people would be surprised…there’s an association for that?! 
You bet there is! AND WE ARE IT! 
I’m even more proud to count many of you as friends. Without exception, every person I’ve met through EMA has been open about sharing struggles they’ve faced, challenges they’ve conquered, and the solutions they’ve discovered. 
The past seven years of association membership have been a valuable part of my journey as a business owner. Not only have I learned creative and effective business practices, I have extended my personal and business networks in ways that have returned my membership “investment” many times over. Prior to seven years ago, I would never have imagined that befriending “competitors” would genuinely improve my own business in meaningful, tangible, and profitable ways. Every year of membership simply multiplies the effect.
If you’re already an EMA Member, I thank you for participating as we shape the future of customer experiences worldwide. If you are considering EMA Membership, I encourage you to JOIN NOW and start building connections that will improve your business, grow your revenue, and increase long-term value. In either case, I welcome your inquiries and feedback.

Ron Schott

Ace Media

Mike Groom

On Hold:32

Lori Bayliss

Communications On Hold

Mike Edwards

On Hold Technologies

David Green

Hold Time Advantage/Sound Marketing Resource

Theresa Casey
Marketing Committee

ProAudio / ProRoma 

Jim Giebutowski
Membership Committee

Marketing Messages

Andy Hedberg
Vendor Relations

The Production Department

Tom Pelon
Technology Committee

Smart Link Solutions

About Us

EMA is a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business directors who share ideas and discuss issues with a rare, creative synergy. Together, we strive to be each other’s trusted advisors, friends, and support system. We leverage technology and industry trends to create leading-edge customer experience solutions, grow our businesses and set the standards for our industry.

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